Print to thermal printer

Print cheaply to a fast thermal printer. Thermal paper doesn't use ink and costs very little.  Black and White only.

Load log files

Load and monitor any text file, particularly log files which grow in size.  Print42 will detect any changes and display them - scrolling them into view.  Known as 'tailing'.

Print just the selected text or image

Reprint selected text.  Or reprint selected image(s).

Tail serious log files

Load and monitor large files.  Change font size.

Filter log files so that only text lines matching your filter appear or get printed to thermal tape.

Print HP Prime Screenshots

Use the HP Connectivity Kit to capture screenshots from your HP Prime and print them.

Add extra annotations

Type text lines straight to the printer. Greate for quick notes or for annotating images etc.

No need to print a page at a time, the thermal printer ESCPOS driver will allow the printing of one line at a time.

Paste any image

Paste images straight into the tape.  

Great for taking screen shots of any size and rapidly printing them.

Free42 Calculator Support

Auto-detects your Free42 calculator emulator virtual printer tape files and displays them.  Echoes this file onto the paper in real time - just like in the old days.

Latest Feature Screenshots

Hot off the press new feature screenshots:

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