• Simulates a printer tape on screen

  • Track and Tail log files

  • Search feature

  • Paste images into the tape

  • Paste or type text into the tape

  • Free42 calculator support


  • All features of Basic

  • Prints to Physical Thermal Printer

  • P.S. No need to buy a Pro upgrade for the Raspberry Pi version which comes fully activated and free to write to thermal printers - a gift to the Raspberry Pi community.

  • $10 USD

Need a Thermal Printer?

Print42 was developed and tested on a TM-T20 USB printer. Other models in the Epson family like the TM-T20IITM-88 should be compatible.

  • By clicking and buying a thermal printer via these links you will be supporting this project.   😀

  • Thermal printers are completely silent when not in use, and use no ink.

  • No startup time. Lightning FAST. ⚡️

  • Small enough to keep on your desk within easy reach.

  • Epson's Mac, Windows and Linux drivers allow regular printing from e.g. MS Word, Pages, Photos etc.

  • 58 or 80mm paper width. 🖨

  • If you don't require compatibility with the Free42 calculator emulator, then most any USB thermal printer should work with Print42.